Q: Is there a membership fee to join the organization?

Yes, however it is optional for events that are open to the community.  There are open networking events that anyone can attend and there are business leads groups (referral groups) that anyone can visit but require a membership after visiting once or twice since exclusivity for their business category is offered. The membership fee is only $360.00 for the year. For additional info on the leads groups and available categories do not hesitate to call (561)674-4300 during business hours. 

Membership benefits include:

*Directory Listing on the Website

*Participation in the Business Referral Groups

*Complimentary Presentation at Community Lunch & Learns

*Hosting Events

*Discounts on Admission to Various Events

*Discounts on Exhibitor Tables at Expos (both Senior Health Expos & Biz to Biz Expos)


Q: What is a business leads group?

A Business Leads Group (also called a referral group) is a group of professionals that meets regularly (twice a month) to send qualified referrals or business leads to one another. There are exclusive categories within the group to avoid competition. Trusted relationships are developed and valued referrals are handled professionally.  Meetings last about an hour and 15 minutes. Food is paid for separately.

Q: What is a Senior Service Business Leads Group?

A Senior Services Leads Group is a business leads group (referral group) where our members specialize in many areas of the healthcare and senior services industry. This group of professionals (including business support services) works together to provide an array of services for their clients (seniors and their families). We currently have 2 groups dedicated to senior service, one in Broward Co.(in Cooper City and Hollywood) and one in Palm Beach Co. (in Boca Raton).2

Q: How do you get on the website directory?

 Pay your annual membership and then submit your business information on the application page for the directory( under Membership Directory, “Join the Directory”). You then write a short narrative that will connect to your listing on the directory which will have all of your business contact information, the products and services provided, and a link to your own website, if one exists. You include a business category with your listing to help with searches on the directory for someone needing your product or services.

Q: How do I receive e-mails inviting me to the different locations for the Networking Lunch Meetings?

Click on join our e-mail list on the homepage of the website in the upper right-hand corner. You will start receiving event invitations by the next business day. Our e-mails contain weekly and daily reminders of upcoming events which include links to the calendar and registrations for each event. To unsubscribe click on “unsubscribe” at the bottom of the e-mails.

Q: What type of businesses come to these meetings?

There is really no limitation on the type or number of businesses that attend our events. Any business that wants to market their product or service in a personalized manner through developing referral relationships is welcome to attend.

Q: How can I get a business leads group started in my area?

Contact Alan, (561)674-4300, and suggest a place in your area that can accommodate a group of 15 to 25 people in a private meeting room, conference room, or restaurant (with a private meeting area). You can begin with four to six people. After approval, Alan will send out e-invitations through the database for others to join the group. You will have a leadership role within the group. Businesses that provide complimentary meeting space (excluding restaurants where we are purchasing food) can qualify for a free membership within the group.

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